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10xNADA sessions

  • 45 min
  • 995 danske kroner
  • Kimia Healing Space

Service Description

At the drop-ins you can receive NADA (ear acupuncture) that will help you to dive in a deep rest and reconnect with your body. When your body gets to be in a deep rest it automatically will start releasing toxins in all forms (thoughts, emotions, physical) and heal and rebalance it self, your mind and your emotions. That is why regular and early sleep, meditation and rest in general is crucial for your health and your ability to have access to your mind and your kindness. Rest is a feminist act #restisresistance Your rest will heal the world and bring about the equality and balance the world needs. Your rest will reconnect you to the hope and care that the world needs. If you don’t have access to NADA treatments please make sure to nap 💤 or meditate 🧘🏾‍♂️ during the day. Like the wise Muslims who go into rest/meditation 5 times a day to reconnect with them selfs, with the heavens and earth 🕊️ The drop-ins are open every Mondays 14-18 & Wednesday 14-19 at Møllerlodden 7. -NADA :You get 5 tiny needles in each ears 👂 then get to lie down and rest for 45 min. If you have more questions you can always contact me. NADA IS FOR EVERYONE AND ARE SAFE DURING PREGNANCY, CHILDREN, DURING KEMO THERAPY ETC. If you are not interested in a bundle and just like to try one single NADA sessions with me. Come by the drop-ins Monday 14-18 & Wednesdays 14-19

Contact Details

  • Møllerlodden 7, Copenhagen, Denmark


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