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Healing Workshop


  • 583 danske kroner
  • Møllerlodden

Service Description

An inviting to a short introduction on self healing. My wish is to make healing tools as acceptable and available for everyone. The workshop is especially designed for you who is highly sensitive and can feel everyone and everything around you. And for everyone who is interested or is longing to connect and cooperate with the spiritual world and the ancestors. Connection is your ultimate power tool. As long as you are grounded in yourself, your essence, your roots and your sense of belonging no one and nothing can manipulate or scare you. For this workshop you need no experience in healing or meditation. You only need the urge and longing to connect and learn. I recommend to join with a fiend or a loved one so you will have support and companionship in this work after the workshop. I will introduce how to ask and receive the support and healing you need to heal trauma, relationships and beliefs etc. that are in your way of having access your potentials, powerful essence and 🔥 fire in your life today. There will be self healing exercises, and teaching of how to protect your energy. Date & time: - SATURDAY APRIL 27th 12-18 Location: -Møllerlodden 7 This workshop will only be held if there is min 5 participants ⁃ Seats available limited : 8 ⁃ Language: Danish or English depending on the participants. ⁃ What to bring: A note book, a pen, a phone to record meditations and theory, your own snacks/ dinner. ⁃ I will serve: Comfortable seats, blankets, water & tea and a pamphlet for you to take home. Thee will be a lunch break. Very important info: The highly sensitive: At this workshop you will learn how to protect your energy. You will learn how to open and close your energy system so that you are fully in charge of when you tune into others energy and when others get to enter your energy field. When you decide to start working and connecting with your spiritual family lots of different process, both physical and emotional can unfold it self. Even before the beginning of a workshop. . So it is important to involve your loved ones to support and hold space for your process. It is mandatory that you are off all kind of substances that will effect your central nerve system the whole period of this workshop. Verbal, physical and energetic ethics are very important at my workshops. Nothing will be forced through. All processes are supported by own essence and the spiritual world.

Contact Details

  • Møllerlodden 7, Copenhagen, Denmark

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