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Vocal Sound Healing

Balancing your system with healing frequencies & vibrations from the universe

  • 1 h 10 min
  • 1.200 danske kroner
  • Kimia Healing Space

Service Description

Vocal sound healing is for everyone, with any kind of unbalance or diagnosis. Vocal sound healing can help with any physical, emotional or mental imbalances and depending on the depth, the roots of the imbalance and of course depending on the readiness of your own system it can take from 1 to 10 sessions to heal something. What is vocal sound healing : This is an ancient way of healing with frequency and sound waves. Sound healing with voice/song has been used for centuries in all kinds of different native cultures and has a deep root in the Taoist traditions and Traditional Chinese medicine as well. How does a vocal sound healing look like with me: 1. The session starts with a short interview where I ask what you would like to heal the root of (this we find out together), and how you can imagine your life, mental and emotional state can look like being free from this “problem”. 2. Then you are going to lie down comfortably under some warm covers. 3. I will use my knowledge of TCM ( traditional Chinese medicine) and my connection to the universal energy and their guidance to scan your body with the hung sound and see where the energy is blocked. While I scan I will receive clairvoyant messages about where the root of your problem lies and how you, your self can support your own healing process at home with Diet; meditation and/or life style changes. You are welcome to record this part so you can listen to it at home. 4. Then I will open up and allow the universal healing frequency and energy to flow through me over to you. And with that I will sing any sound / song that I am guided to sing into the areas in your body that needs it. 5. After 15-20 min the sound will stop, you will get 5-10 min to gently “wake up” 6. During that time I will write down the advice about diet and other things for you. 7. Then we will go through the healing and I will make sure that you get a glass of water and are totally ok before you go home. 8. According to your need I will email you a guided healing meditation for you to use. 8. It is possible to combine these healings with acupuncture treatments for a more effective and stronger effect. If any questions you can book a free online consultation (15 min) REMEBER THIS SERVICES IS ALSO AVALIABLE ONLINE Looking forward working with you with love Pardis

Contact Details

  • Møllerlodden 7, Copenhagen, Denmark

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